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Let's connect
Cassidy Clawson is an entrepreneur and design leader that helps startups launch impactful products and brands.

Silicon Valley's premier insurance startup embraces its destiny as industry leader.


Brand strategy
Creative direction
Visual design


Identity — Audrey Elise

Illustration — Kevin Sprouls

Photography — Spencer BrownLisa Dieder

Cassidy is a one in a million all star designer, manager, and creative extraordinaire, and to boot, an overall wonderful human being.
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I first got to know Cassidy years ago as Twine was getting off the ground. Cassidy operated highly effectively in a fast paced environment with big deadlines, big goals, and a desire to succeed against well funded, long established incumbents and startup competitors.

Cassidy effectively scaled from being an incredibly talented design IC to running a happy, well performing, creative design team.

He brought new, interesting ideas to the table on a constant basis and was a joy to work with.

Venture Partner
Jackson Square Ventures
2016 - 2018

Fortune 500 finance company John Hancock launches a goal-based investing product.

Apple Editor's Choice Award 2018
5x Apple App of the Day
4,500+ Reviews (4.5 ★)


Head of Product Design
Head of Brand Design


Creative Agency — Huge

Twine Design

The best founders I know develop their brand as a durable competitive advantage. If you're serious about winning, call Cassidy.

Founder & CEO

Canvas Electronic Medical Records are a fresh start for burned out doctors.


Project management
Creative oversight


Creative Agency — Zero Studios

Illustration — Thoka Maer

Photography — Nick Collura

Copy — Lisa Stockwell

I moved my family two thousand miles to work with Cassidy and he was the best manager I have ever had.
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As a boss, he challenged and supported me to do my best research and to grow as a member of the design team. All while having a lot of fun. Anyone would be lucky to report to Cassidy.

As a designer, Cassidy taught me a lot about how research can inspire creative vision. For example, we collaborated on the visual direction for Twine, weaving in user research to the creative process. We made multiple iterations based on the qualitative and quantitative data that led to a highly effective and compelling visual expression of the Twine brand. In many subsequent user interviews, the visual identity of Twine emerged as a primary factor for why people downloaded and trusted the app.

Senior User Researcher
2019 - PRESENT

Super Sassy is the quirky accessories and gift brand behind the "pop out earring" fad.

Now available at Urban Outfitters

With Cassidy's direction, I was able to create some of the best work of my career.
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Cassidy is a very unique designer and product thinker and he brings an infectious creative energy and insight to every problem.

His out-of-the-box approaches to design problems make him a fun and inspiring design leader to work with, and his industry knowledge and experience mean that he can wear many different hats on any team—from user research to product management to development.

As a result of his leadership, our team produced high-quality and high-impact work in short amounts of time, (sometimes going from idea to production within a day or two).

Not only is he a skilled designer, but he was also a supportive manager to me, and made me feel welcome and valued at the company from my very first day. I would consider myself very lucky to work with Cassidy again in the future.

Design Lead